Rent San Francisco Office Space By The Day Or By The Hour

coworking spaceWith The fluctuating economy and variable job market, more and more people are choosing to be self-employed. Self-employment can take many forms such as being an independent contractor or a consultant. Though many self-employed people try to work out of their homes, or even from cafes and coffee houses, these may not be the best solutions. What happens when one must meet with a client for a presentation or to pitch a project? In San Francisco, there is a very workable solution of office rentals by the hour. Rent only when the professional space is needed.

This coworking San Francisco option has many benefits. The self-employed have a cheap office space for rent when they need it, without a contract required. No obligation to pay rent for a month or six months, or a year. Just sign up for the office space when it is really needed. Work from home, on-site, or in a cafe the rest of the time. Some entrepreneurs rent a work-space SF office one day a week for the availability of the Internet and equipment as well as the possibility of socialization with others similar to themselves. Others only use coworking space San Francisco locations when they must meet a client or have undisturbed time to complete important projects.

How Does Coworking Space Operate?

Services such as the Third Workplace work using the Internet to let people create accounts and sign up for space when they need it. There are different options for membership, types of rental space, and payment options. Customers can choose a pay-as-you-go option or a monthly subscription when they know what days they need in advance. When they want to use an office space, clients go to a Third Workplace site and check in with their code on a smart phone, typing it in, or giving to a concierge. Then they choose the type of workspace they need that day and go to work. There are fax machines, Internet hook-ups, printers and other office equipment available to use. Then, they check out as they leave.

What Kind Of Workplaces Are Available?

Most sites have a combination of workplaces to meet the different kinds of needs clients may have. There are open work areas where clients share space with others, there are private offices, and there are conference rooms and meeting workplaces for meeting clients or having conferences. All of these spaces can be rented by the hour. Some of the equipment and services available are LED flat-screens, whiteboards, enabled video conferencing, fax machines, and copy machines. What a great place to finish that long report, proposal, or writing assignment and print it out. For more information on locations and rental fees for workspace sf, visit the website.